About Cajugo Gaming

Cajugo Gaming has been established in 2019 and has over 25 years
of combined experience in the gaming industry and component market.


Our mission is to provide solutions that matter. With our expertise we are able to develop and produce the products that we think are necessary.


We believe that we can progressively add sustainability to the gaming market by creating innovative products and extend product life cycles.

We achieve this by re-producing obsolete parts, repairing hardware instead of replacing it and set an example by creating our own standards of quality.

Cajugo Gaming Value

We are all about creating the best solution for our clients. By developing products and providing of the shelve products we have succeeded so far.


A chain is only as strong as it's weakest link. We provide training on all our products and services to make sure maximum efficiency can be maintained


We work with partners that we trust and value, and vice versa. Our clients can benefit from these relations and we like to share our knowlegde.

Some of our valued partners

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