Juan Gomez

One of the founders of Cajugo Gaming BV is Juan Gomez

Over 30 years in gaming

Juan is our foundation when it comes to running this company. The skills and experience he collected over the years on technical level are one of the reasons Cajugo Gaming is so competitive in today's touchscreen market.

Knowledge and experience

Normally when you talk about people's milestones and career defining moments it is in hindsight. We want to share the interesting steps that Juan took and how Cajugo Gaming benefits from all this experience in this moment.

Gaming roots

Juan started being involved in gaming back in 1990 through operator Westland Automaten and in 1992 started working as a technical manager at Fairplay Centers. After that added 2 more years as technical director for Barcrest (BCT) before ending up at SUZOHAPP in 1996 till 2018

From 3M to ELO to Dignity

In 1997 3M was leading the touchscreen market with SCAP technology. SUZOHAPP could not maintain 3M distribution rights and was looking for an alternative solution. Juan was responsible for finding this solution.

During that time ELO had SAW technology and were not compatible with machines that used 3M SCAP technology. Juan and ELO developed an integration bezel and protocol converter board that successfully created a usable product based on SAW technology. This made ELO and SUZOHAPP enter the gaming market for the first time. For the next 20+ years Juan has brought ELO products to manufacturers & casino's

2018 it started all over again

After leaving SUZOHAPP Juan decided to partner with Dignity who is the leading Chinese touchscreen manufacturer for home appliances. By using all his experience Dignity entered the Gaming market through Dignity Europe and Juan became acting CEO.

Currently these product find their way successfully into the market and we keep working on creating a new brand story for the future.

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