Grupo R. Franco partners with Grupo Cajugo


Tombola Roulette

The partnership between both parties find it's origin in the classic Tombola Roulette machine from Grupo R. Franco. Not only will the Cajugo Group act as an exclusive distributor of the Tombola Roulette in the Benelux, but will also be responsible for innovating the concept and make it more sustainable.

Cajugo Manufacturing BV

Based in Rotterdam and the newest addition to the Cajugo Group of companies. Cajugo Manufacturing is focused on developing and manufacturing highly innovative gaming- concepts and machines that will turn heads.

Earlier this month Cajugo Manufacturing BV was founded and added to the Cajugo Group of companies to facilitate the partnership with Grupo R. Franco 

During the summer a rebranding will take place revealing all companies and products that the Cajugo Group will bring onto the gaming market.

Mr Juan Gomez representing Cajugo on the left
Mr Santiago Escribano Testaut representing R.Franco on the right

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