Touchscreen replacement service

Cajugo Gaming is able to provide you with a suitable touchscreen
and is also offering various replacement services, such as:

Free Carry In Replacement service

Deliver us your complete broken monitor and we will replace the touchscreen free of charge.

Exchange monitor

We will send you a complete monitor including touchscreens and you only pay for the touchscreen. In return we want your broken monitor afterwards

On Site Replacement service

We can replace a touchscreen on site in your casino in a matter of minutes

Azkoyen Repair Service

Cajugo Gaming is an official Azkoyen Repair Partner 

Coin Acceptors & Sorters

The complete range of acceptors. The AC6, D2S and the most recent Pina

Coin Hoppers

We can repair the Hopper U II, Hopper U II Plus, Hopper U3, Discriminator Hopper and the Hopper with electronic scale as used in de V12 cabinets

We offer a fast service against a fixed and low rate.

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